The City as Stage in Rimini Protokoll: A Conversation with Helgard Haug


  • Guillem Aloy Bibiloni


space, stage, city, theatre, Rimini Protokoll, Helgard Haug, interview


On the morning of her presentation at the Symposium “Theatre and City” in Barcelona, the director and author Helgard Haug, founder of Rimini Protokoll, welcomed the Observatori d’espais escènics UPC-ETSAB to the Institut del Teatre for a discussion about the role of the performance space, the urban realm and stage design in Rimini’s theatre and sound plays.

Author Biography

Guillem Aloy Bibiloni

Guillem Aloy is an architect, researcher and PhD candidate in Theory and History of Architecture at UPC -ET SAB with the thesis: Atles d’arquitectura teatral a Mallorca. Territori, arquitectura i espai escènic (Atlas of Theatre Architecture in Majorca. Territory, Architecture and Performing Space), supervised by Antoni Ramon and Joan Mas i Vives. He received the Ciutat de Palma Research Award 2017 and the Institut d’Estudis Catalans scholarship 2018.